Growing a Business Shouldn't be so Hard!
Learn to Grow your Business without Sacrificing Family!
More than 15 Chapters packed with 20 YEARS of lessons and stories that will take your idea or business to the next level. Each chapter is packed with action steps for REAL PROGRESS, not just limiting ideas. AND I want to GIVE IT TO YOU for FREE!
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Building A Business That Lasts Will Help You To...
  • Set your business up for long-term success...
  • Build a team that can help you get ahead...
  •  Spend less time to make more money...
  • MAKE MORE MONEY — WITHOUT Sacrificing Family.
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John Maxwell • Jay Owen • Dave Ramsey

"You've got to tell your money what to do or it will leave."

— Dave Ramsey, Founder of Ramsey Solutions

"Successful people desire excellence. Excellence comes from focusing on your strengths."

— John Maxwell, Legendary Leadership Author
Want to make more $$$ year-over-year? 
I'll show you how I've done it for the last 20 years!
Starting a business is easy — especially in the world of the internet we live in now. But making it last? That's HARD! Less than 30% of businesses make it to the decade mark and many that do get there while being worn out, stressed out and ready to quit. In fact, 82% of businesses in America today don't make more than $40,000 a year!

For 20 years, I've grown an agency from just a few thousand dollars to millions in sales. When I started Design Extensions at the age of 17, I had no idea what I was doing in business and spent many years figuring it out. I learned the hard way, but you don't have to!

I've packed this book with all of the things I've learned that have helped me grow the company, year over year, revenue and profit, for nearly two decades.
But that's not all...
I've worked with HUNDREDS of business owners over the past two decades to help them grow their businesses, but never before have I detailed all of the tools, tips, strategies, and ideas that have helped our agency last when many others collapsed.

After a lot of careful though, I decided to GIVE THIS BOOK AWAY to business leaders like you to help you grow — because that is my passion! This is a LIMITED TEST RUN and when quantities are out for the first batch, we may move to a traditional paid model of distribution, so get your copy now — FOR FREE!
meet the man behind the book
Jay Owen
St. Augustine, FL
For nearly twenty years, Jay Owen has been building Design Extensions, a Florida-based marketing agency that’s grown its revenue and profits every year since 1999. Increasing the company’s revenue every single year hasn’t been easy, but in doing so, Jay has learned that building a thriving business is possible, and that you don’t have to sacrifice family or quality of life to do it. Jay has built Design Extensions while also being an invested husband to his wife, Claire, and father to their five children. In Building a Business That Lasts, he shares all his most sought-after advice for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs who reject the endless hustle and instead embrace the idea of a better way to succeed.
Don't just take my word for it though—I've worked with hundreds of people over the last 20 years that have seen huge success using these same tips and ideas!
"You need this book..."
Review By Marcia L. King
Jay, this is an excellent book for a anyone who has their own business or just starting out. I found you sharing real-life experiences, processes, examples and tools that you use, very helpful. Thank you for sharing! All the best, Marcia L. King, Savvy Outsourcing
"An evergreen business book..."
Review By Michael Thompson
Don't waste time trying to wrap your head around the key principles of business all by yourself. This manual is one you'll keep at arms length for years to come.

As a mom, an entrepreneur, and a part of my family’s businesses, Building a Business that Lasts read like a collection of familiar anecdotes, challenged me to take actionable inventory on both my company and family today, all while humbly steering me, the reader, to make better choices in the future and how to remedy problems made by questionable ones in the past. Jay has a writing style that makes you want to read more, know more, and be more. Written with a competent, practical and positive voice, this is a book you can read at any stage of your family and business with take-aways to change both for the better.

Sandra Dee — Owner-operator at Jeté Tours & Director of Events and Marketing at Florida Marching Band Championships

Jay and his team at Design Extensions have helped us build a digital app that started with just a few customers and now processes MILLIONS of dollars in online sales A MONTH. Jay shares all of his key business ideas in this book and you don't want to miss it.

Dewayne Gibson — Co-founder, Enterprise Selling Solutions

As a new business owner, this book has helped me chart a path for the future that I feel confident about. I'm so thankful for Jay taking the time to share his years of experience in this book. It's a must read.

Erin Gordon — Co-founder, Savvy Outsourcing

Jay's wisdom and insights in Building a Business that Lasts are beyond his years. Get this book and learn what it takes many decades to understand!

Jared Duckett — Co-founder, Duckett Ladd, LLP

A great book for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners who are looking for inspiration from someone they can relate to. Jay is a humble leader, hard-working family man whose writing and advice comes from the heart. His small business perspective makes it easy for people like you and me to feel like lasting success is not just a Silicon Valley fairytale, but totally attainable and not at the expense of family. 

Heather Vreeland — Group Publisher, Occasions Media Group

Jay has taken a topic that comes in a thousand different flavors, and has distilled it into a well written, easily digestable, and personal account of his path to building a successful, lasting business. He deftly takes the reader along for the journey, providing insight, guidance, lessons learned, and most importantly, concrete actionable ideas to find your own path to success. One of the things that struck me hardest was his refreshing take on the work-life "blender". Jay has the courage to recognize and admit the mistakes he has made along the way, and provides real-world solutions to avoid them happening to you. This book will stand as a reference manual on my desk, as I launch my own business in the coming months.

Paul Fertitta — Budding Entrepreneur

A wise man once said that it is “Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie.” The insights, encouragements and action steps set forth in these pages offer the reader a gentle slap meant to wake up a friend who finds themselves running late to business engagement. I am now awake. 

Clay Nettles — Owner, Nettles Fine Jewelry

Today’s business climate is fast paced and demanding causing many to sacrifice family for success. Building a Business That Lasts truly is a guide on how to blend business and life so your family reaps the rewards of your time and success instead of missing out. Read and apply Jay’s principles.

Tom Morrison — Author, Speaker, and CEO of MTI Management
You CAN have Success in Business AND Family
One of my favorite chapters in this book is Chapter 6, "The Work / Life Blender." In this chapter, I dispute the idea that work and life need to be 50/50, or that you need to find a way to balance things at all.

I'm not talking about ignoring your family completely or ignoring your business. Instead, I share an alternative idea that life is like a blender. You toss in all of the ingredients (work, play, family, etc.) and it all gets mixed up. Sometimes you need more spinach in your life (work) and sometimes you need more fruit (family).

Chapter 6 shares key ideas as to how I've not only grown a business for 20 years, but also improved my 15+ year marriage to my wife while raising our 5 kids (who are homeschooled).

If you struggle with "balancing it all" — this chapter is for you!
What's inside the book:
These are some of the most valuable and thought-provoking things you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top three most important things you will learn:
  • How to grow a business without being stressed out, worn out, and ready to quit.
  • Specific outlines of tools and resources I've used for nearly 20 years to grow revenue and profit from a few thousand dollars to millions in sales! 
  • EACH CHAPTER contains key action steps to help you make progress with your team building, delegation, cash flow, and more!
Sample Pages:
  • Part 1: Start
    Chapter 1: Starting is the easy part
    Chapter 2: Your past feeds your future
    Chapter 3: Focus on your strengths
    Chapter 4: Yes, you ARE in the sales business!
    Chapter 5: Ignore the system, but have a system
  • Part 2: Grow
    Chapter 6: The Work/Life Blender
    Chapter 7: It’s OK to grow slow
    Chapter 8: The customer is not always right
    Chapter 9: The right team
  • Part 3: Last
    Chapter 10: Learn to last
    Chapter 11: Perseverance
    Chapter 12: Mission and values
    Chapter 13: Automate or die
    Chapter 14: Juggling money
    Chapter 15: Recurring revenue
    Chapter 16: Be willing to change
Page 29.  (And at the end of every chapter!) Get clearly actionable steps on how to improve as a leader.
Page 161. I share one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of building a successful business over time.
Every Chapter. Be inspired by quotes from revolutionary business leaders at the start of each chapter!
Page 1-202. With just over 200 pages of content, it's packed with content but is still a quick read to implement real world knowledge.
Usually we’re able to ship the book out to you the same day, and in just a couple of days you should receive your book at your doorstep.

Thank you, again, for taking your precious time to read everything I’ve written here. I can’t wait to share with you one of my most treasured resources, one that I know can make a HUGE impact on your business.

Have an amazing day!
P.S. In case you’re someone like me who likes to skim offers, I’m giving you a copy of my brand new book, Building a Business that Lasts, 100% free. All I ask is you pay the small shipping/handling fee so I can get it to your doorstep.

There is a LIMITED INVENTORY of this first edition offer, so request yours now before time runs out.
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